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  • Facility Assessment
  • Master Planning
  • New Construction, Renovations and Additions
  • Cost and budget projections
  • Bond Planning

At Höhe Design Group, we believe that the most effective and innovative school designs emerge from careful consideration of both educational goals and local needs. We believe in participation and inclusiveness; therefore, we seek to collaborate and involve school administrators, teachers, learners, and the larger community.

Our school designs create safe, innovative learning environments that motivate students, support teaching and learning, and provide a center for community activities improving social behaviors, engagement, well-being, and academic achievement. Together with better usage of technology we focus on creating spaces that provide a flexible environment that integrates technology, comfort and safety, and energy efficiency to provide a productive, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing learning environment.

Once the bond has been officially called the real ‘work’ starts.  Our experienced team compiles all the information gathered during the ‘Pre-Bond’ work and collaboratively moves forward with working with all parties to build an informative and transparent bond campaign. The bond campaign includes but is not limited to the following:


  • We assist the district in selecting a political action committee while developing an election process that best suits the voting community.
  • Train and assist the Political Action Committee to engage with the community, deliver the campaign message and ultimately gain the voter’s support.
  • Guide the Community Bond Committee in attendance/participation at all public meetings.
  • As part of our marketing plan, we will include an exclusive bond website, all printed documents, all electronic documents as well as Hi-res 3D flythroughs and the use of virtual reality to help the community visualize the proposed facility improvements.
  • Working directly with the Board members at board meetings and providing an updated report regarding all bond campaign activities.
At Höhe our goal is to provide a ‘start to finish’ process for your successful bond campaign and be with our client ‘hand and hand’ even after the ribbon cutting takes place.  So, the question then is “How much does the Pre-Bond and the Bond Campaign services, cost our district?” The answer is, ‘These services are provided at no cost to our clients.’


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