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Construction Phase Services

Construction Support

Our Construction Phase Services begin with the initial contract for construction and terminate when the final certificate of payment is issued. We resolve any issues that may arise during construction and provide additional clarifications to finish the project properly. Our core responsibility during this phase is to represent the client and ensure the contractor builds the project as specified in the construction documents. Additionally, we want to keep you informed about your project, as a service we provide you access to your own secure BIMcloud cloud hosted server. This technology allows our clients to take advantage of fast, efficient, and secure access to the progress of their projects in real-time.


We review, approve, or take other appropriate action on the contractor’s submittals. These include shop drawings, product data, and samples. These are used for the purpose of checking for conformance with the design intent expressed in the contract documents.

Evaluations of the Work

We visit the site at intervals appropriate to the stage of construction. The intent of the site visits is to keep you informed about the general progress and relative quality of the portion of the work completed.  We promptly report (1) known deviations from the contract documents, (2) known deviations from the most recent construction schedule submitted by the contractor, and (3) defects and deficiencies observed in the work. This provides another avenue to gage if you are getting the expected results.

Certificates for Payment to Contractor

We review and certify the pay request amounts to the contractor and issue certificates in such amounts based on our evaluation of the work and on the data comprising the Contractor’s Application for Payment. If, after a commercially responsible inspection and investigation, we believe the work has progressed to the point indicated and the quality of the work is in accordance with the contract documents, we issue a certificate of payment entitling the contractor to payment in the amount certified.

Changes in the Work

When necessary, we order changes in the work that are consistent with the intent of the contract documents by preparing Change Orders and Construction Change Directives for the owner’s approval and execution in accordance with the contract documents.

Project Completion

At the completion of the work, we:

  1. conduct inspections to determine the date or dates of substantial completion and the date of final completion.
  2. issue Certificates of Substantial Completion.
  3. forward to our client, for their review and records, written warranties and related documents required by the contract documents and received from the contractor
  4. issue a final Certificate of Payment based upon a final inspection indicating that, after commercially responsible inspection and investigation, the work complies with the requirements of the contract documents.

We acknowledge that there is no single way to plan, design and construct effectively under all circumstances. The planning and designing methods which work effectively in one situation may fail in another. Therefore, the organizational structure and processes we use to plan and design are governed by the external factors of time and cost and internal factors of practicality and efficiency. Our organizational approach will vary in different situations depending on the goals and end-users of the facilities, the nature of the project, the needs and circumstances of our clients, and their available funds.

We maintain flexibility and adaptability which allows us adjust as needed to make sure each project is completed in the most efficient and effective way possible while delivering the best finished product to our clients.


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