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Our philosophy is centered around collaboration and communication. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their vision is realized in every project we undertake.


Our project management

Our project coordination strategies promote focus and performance and contribute to an overall better quality project completion. We employ the strategies of risk avoidance, risk reduction and risk retention to prepare the response you might need to take in case a crisis occurs.

Our project management plan includes the following steps:

1. Plan the project: We break down the overall project scope into manageable components, which can be further addressed as assignable tasks as work progresses. We then identify deliverables and their format and prepare the project’s internal budget and schedule.

2. Organize the project: We define staffing requirements for each phase of service and identify appropriate team members, including the owner’s representative and consultants. Next, we verify selected staffing availability and coordinate their current responsibilities with the project schedule while assigning duties and responsibilities.

3. Direct the project (implement the work plan): We define how to coordinate the activities of all project participants by astutely monitoring their progress and using effective communication to promote efficiency and thoroughness, assure services delivered are appropriate to contract obligations, and provide evaluation of performance.

4. Control the project: By using various control techniques such as design reviews, progress reports, estimates and milestone reviews and delegation, we control the design and technical quality of the project, project cost, and internal financial budget. We also monitor earned value, invoicing and collections, schedule, and client satisfaction.

5. Close the project: We incorporate the process related to project completion by including project closeout procedures, financial closeout, post project review, document retention, capture of best practices, and information for marketing department.
Each of these project management and project planning steps ensures that we can effectively organize and manage the construction process from start to finish. By ensuring that each of these project planning processes are in place, we track, manage, and communicate the progress of the project to all stakeholders.


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