Höhe Architects

We believe that architecture should be a reflection of the people who use it. Our goal is to create spaces that are both functional and beautiful.


In addition to the traditional method of strategic planning in which we identify, plan, and achieve our client’s long-term objectives and goals, we employ the Design Thinking methodology that provides a collaborative, creative solution-based approach to problem solving. 

In design thinking methodology everyone participates. Our professionals involve all levels of our client’s organization to find and contribute to activities that will add to the project’s success. We capture the “big picture” of our client’s needs, explore solutions, and then we act. We consider our client’s business objectives and desired outcomes for the project rather than focusing solely on project deliverables.

Applying our tactical thinking approach with our clients and their internal stakeholders provides a better understanding of their business objectives and their goals. This allows us to translate their needs into meaningful design strategies and solutions which become exceptional results. With this efficient process, the projects are better aligned with customer needs and will require fewer revisions, thus eliminating wasted time and effort on designs that simply don’t work.

How we implement our Design Thinking Strategy:

  • Assess: We strive to gain a holistic understanding of the project, including an analysis of constraints, opportunities, and seeing the bigger picture through the lens of our client.
  • Understand: We make sense of the project in terms of the design and business goals and tie the project’s outcome back to business objectives showing key results that will help support those objectives.
  • Learn: We formulate the elements of the strategy by planning tasks and milestones that directly support the core objectives.
  • Execute: We act on the strategy and make sure the entire team is included.
  • Check: As tasks are accomplished during the design process, we reassess their effectiveness in achieving the intended goals and outcomes.


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