Bonds allow school districts to construct or renovate facilities, acquire land, and purchase equipment. At Höhe Design Group, we partner with school districts as they propose school bond elections to better their facilities. If the bond election is successful, we get to work on a design that meets the needs of students and faculty. Here are a few ways we work with school districts to meet their facility needs through bond elections.

How we partner with school districts

After working with the school district to establish their needs, our architects create schematic drawings to help estimate the overall cost of the project. We meet with the district, committees, and board as necessary to make changes to the layout. Changes in the layout require cost updates. School Boards use our estimated costs to determine the amount needed to ask for in the bond election.

The bond election process takes time, and we stay committed to our school districts through the length of it. We partner with the district to provide helpful information through brochures, renderings, and by attending community meetings. This is how we help the district share their needs and the purpose behind asking taxpayers to fund a project through a bond election.

School bond experience in the Panhandle

Höhe Design Group has worked with Adrian ISD, Silverton ISD, Groom ISD and Farwell ISD in conjunction with A&E Design Group. We are proud of the work we do with school bond projects in the Texas Panhandle. Our team works together to create a pleasant atmosphere and safe structure for students and faculty. Contact Us to learn more about Höhe Design Group and how we can help you with the design and planning of your educational facility, home, office, residential space, or other custom structure. You can also view our Portfolio for past work on educational facilities and other architecture projects.

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