Historic preservation has been a hot topic when it comes to reviving downtown Amarillo and other urban areas in the Texas Panhandle. Historic buildings offer a unique charm, and architects play a part in revamping these buildings to create more structurally sound, and safe, structures to enjoy for years to come. Here are two common misconceptions we run into when it comes to preserving historic spaces.

Preservation is about the past

Those passionate about preservation are not always strident devotees of the past. Change is good, and most preservationists understand this fact. Change can make historic buildings safer and more beautiful. Existing buildings can be adaptable to modern life. It takes careful planning and unique solutions, but changes can be made without altering the unique and visually appealing parts of a historic structure.

Preservation does not freeze time either. Many post-World War II buildings relied on technology that was purely experimental. These practices are no longer considered safe or desirable. Through historical preservation, architects can preserve places where important, history-shaping events occurred while using modern design principles and materials to save the space. We think it’s quite wonderful that a historic building can be outfitted with new, eco-friendly materials – thus combining the beauty of history with the efficiency of modern practices.

Old buildings were made better

It’s pretty common for people to believe older buildings have a staying power that modern buildings lack. This is not always true. Buildings have changed substantially through the years, and though some historic buildings maintain a beautiful facade – their interiors can be nearly impossible to repair. Our challenge, as architects, is determining ways to preserve as much as safely possible while also providing a comfortable, modern atmosphere.

Höhe Design Group works on historical preservation projects in Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle. Contact Us to learn more About UsAbout Höhe and how we can help you with your historical preservation. View our Portfolio to look at our past work.

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